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Lyle Dodson Dodson

Profile Updated: March 9, 2024
Residing In
West Valley City, UT USA
Samantha Julie Starr Dodson (Deceased)
Retired car dealer
Reese born 1991; Rochelle born 1993

I'm still alive and kicking! Life's journey sure pick's up speed as we get older. I stumbled onto this site looking for an old classmate; It's nicely done, nice to get caught up on the alumni of 81' I missed the 40th reunion, Covid messed that up. I went to the meet-n-greet on the 20yr reunion.
My timeline since graduation...which I didn't go to. Yeah, I was a wild one. So, in 1982 I went on a Mission to Santiago Chile, I returned in 1984 went to the U of U, I met a gal, got married in 1986 we bought our first house in 1990 I became a used car dealer in 1991 then my kids 1991 and 1993 life cruised along fine, then the big "D" in 1997 I had built up quite a nice dealership, and stayed with it though it came with it's headaches and set-backs. I took a month and traveled to Peru and explored its many ruins, been to Mexico a few times and Canada. Many adventures, I bought my house in 2001 almost lost my life in 2002 SeaDoo accident Lake powell I did a big superman off a huge wake and was seperated from the craft in the air, came down, hit the machine and got knocked out....life vest keep you afloat, but your face will fall into the water. Thankfully my friend and others were there to rescue. 2005 I meet my soulmate, lots of adventure, lifes ups and downs, yet an everlasting bond of love. come 2017 my wife succumbed to Cancer It was a shock! from the time she was diagnosed to the time she passed was 17 days. In 2021 I too was diagnosed with cancer. I was able to fight it and win! Treated with anunotherapy at Huntsman. was'nt cheap though... $17,500. each treatment (5) So here it is 2024 I'm a widower, retired, and working on me. I've been on a carnavore diet, lost 20lbs, built some muscle, and feel great!... just lonely. Moving forward, staying healthy and making adventures out of life.

School Story

Those who knew me remember...I was a wild and crazy guy. I was an auto shop rat mostly. was'nt big on the school extracurricular events. Some of the memories of Drag racing cars on the street west of the field; shop teacher Barnum as the ready, set, go! guy.

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